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As a naturally curious person, one of my favorite aspects of the Enneagram has always been the “light bulb moments”. I’ve had many lightbulb moments over the past 5 years. These have allowed me to wake up to thoughts and patterns that were holding me back, allowed me to see myself as more than who I thought I was, and allowed me to take steps toward both healing and growth. 


I believe that as humans we are wired for connection, which is what inspired the name of my business. How is our connection to ourselves? What is our connection with others like?

As an Enneagram coach, I love to walk alongside of individuals and groups as they experience their own “light bulb moments”. The journey of self-discovery and transformation isn’t always easy, but it’s always worth it.


If you’re ready to take the next step in your journey,

schedule a free consultation with me.

Walking beside others on their journey of self-discovery is a true honor and something I don’t take for granted. As for my own journey…thank you to every person who has walked with me, accepted me, and encouraged me. Becoming is sacred work. 

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